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The Growing Appetite for British Brands in India

The Growing Appetite for British Brands in India

Industry expert magazine Drapers have written an article in their latest issue on the appetite for western brands amongst India’s growing middle class, youthful, globally focused population.

India has often been overlooked in favour of other fast growing economies, like China. This is mostly due to the complexities of exporting and trading there. But with an impressive economic growth rate, accompanied by the growth of India’s middle class, British brands are beginning to realise its potential.

It’s not only the big luxury brands that hold a significant lure to Indian consumers, but also those smaller premium names with a long standing fashion heritage.

Our chairman, Richard Donner spoke to Drapers,

“There are a lot of fakes in India. So Indian shoppers are wary of the very big names they or their families know. They are going more for brands that have a really distinct western identity than the really big-name brands at the moment.”

He continued,

“In India, when people get a bit of money, most spend it on clothing. It is important to immediately look prosperous and successful – that’s a big part of the Indian psyche.”

All of this comes on the back of our the success of our flagship store in Bangalore, which began trading just over a year ago. We have since opened a second store, and along with this, we now have five concessions in other stores and five clothing kiosks in large city offices.

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India is a country of first-generation wealth, where a youthful generation are now bursting through with more opportunities than ever before. These expanded horizons have led to a real desire for quality with Indian consumers loving anything that is international or global.

It’s not been easy though. Complex import regulations, high duties, lengthy shipping processes and a relative lack of infrastructure mean India is a complicated market to enter.

We have set up with an Indian partner to help us harness the local knowledge and better understand the regulatory environment, a move that Kurt Geiger are now taking as they hope to open their first store in Delhi in the autumn.

With the help of our partners, our business continues to grow in India. Our shirts are now not only available in-store but online via India’s top online shopping website www.myntra.com