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Scooter Clubs ride in to help promote our Lambretta Clothing Range

Scooter Clubs ride in to help promote our Lambretta Clothing Range

The shops weren't the only attraction on Sunday 22nd September, and neither were the ships in Chatham’s Docks, as visitors to the Dockside Shopping Outlet were greeted by a line-up of Lambretta and Vespa Scooters!

Scooters from local scooter clubs The Medway Aces, Sevenoaks Modern Mods, Gravesend Sentinels, Essex Alliance, Squabra Abarth Gillingham and Ashford Tornadoes were in attendance.

Here they are pictured along with our Chatham Store Manager, Tess Carslake.

Hosted by our store at the Dockside Shopping Outlet, the Lambretta clothing event was held from Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd September with discounted Double TWO and Lambretta clothing available in store throughout.

The event culminated on the Sunday with a scooter competition that was judged by a specially chosen Double TWO customer, Alison, who picked winners in both the Lambretta and Vespa categories. The winners of each were chosen for their “classy look and no use of gimmicks or stickers”.

Both winners were presented with trophies and a t-shirt each.

In store there were also competitions to keep customers entertained.

If you're ever looking to visit our Chatham store, it's situated in a very beautiful and popular area of Chatham which is rapidly increasing in popularity. as just across from the Dockside Shopping Outlet you'll find, and be able to tour, Chatham's Historic Dockyard, where scenes are regularly shot for the BBC's Call The Midwife!