Men's Autumn Shirt Styles

Image: Navy Cross Print Formal Shirt

Your Autumn/Winter Styling Guide

Whether you’re mourning the end of summer, or celebrating the start of autumn, the introduction of new styles and upcoming autumn trends is certainly something to get excited about. Say goodbye to the BBQ, and hello to warming tattersall shirts, exciting floral patterns and sophisticated shirts with smart collar and trim details. 

With our new season collection, we’ve done all the hard work for you! So whether you’re looking to update your casual wardrobe, or freshen up your smart shirt selection, here’s a round up of the autumn/winter styles you need this season.


Rust Tattersall Check Warm Handle Shirt

Image: Rust Tattersall Check Warm Handle Shirt 

Warming Tattersall Check Shirts

Tattersall check shirts are popular in the autumn and winter months for their versatile styling options. Wear open over a plain t-shirt on warmer days to elevate your casual look, or button up when it gets breezy or for smarter occasions. A check shirt can also be easily adapted for smart or casual plans when paired with either chinos or jeans and a blazer or a more relaxed jacket, such as leather or denim.

This season, we’re introducing cosy colour combinations, with a lighter check grid designed onto a darker fabric than is classically typical of a tattersall shirt.

Green Tattersall Check Warm Handle Shirt (GS1410A)

Image: Sage Tattersall Check Warm Handle Shirt


What is a Tattersall shirt?

Tattersall shirts are created by combining even vertical and horizontal stripes that run parallel to each other to generate a check pattern. Most commonly, the grid pattern consists of different coloured stripes that are interwoven into the cloth and overlaid onto a lighter fabric background.

How to style your tattersall shirt this season

Our Tattersall check shirts smartly combine style with practicality. These check shirts are made with 100% brushed cotton that is soft to the touch to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the colder months. Suitable for even the typically inconsistent British weather, adapt your check shirt to accommodate a warmer forecast by wearing open over a simple t-shirt. Choose from our selection of neutral coloured t-shirts and pair with your favourite tattersall check for relaxed plans. 

The size of your check matters! A larger or thicker size check pattern fits better with more casual attire. For smarter plans, opt for a smaller and/or thinner check design and pair with chinos or corduroy trousers and a nice jacket. Level up this look with a plain tie and brogues.


Slim Fit Sky Blue Flowerhead Print Casual Shirt (left), White & Navy Floral Print Casual Shirt (right).

Images: Slim Fit Sky Blue Flowerhead Print Casual Shirt (left), White & Navy Floral Print Casual Shirt (right).

Embracing Floral Shirts

Men’s floral shirts are in, and yes you can absolutely wear them in the colder months! Our new floral print shirts combine darker tones with subtle injections of flower print, ensuring these shirts are in style all year round. 

Styling a floral shirt

Floral patterned shirts are much harder to style than a floral patterned tie or any other accessory because of their larger surface area. However, long sleeves are still the best choice if you’re going for a classic look that’s appropriate for the office or formal events. Ensure you’re looking elegant by pairing with solid, neutral colours that boast the shirt as a stylish statement piece. Avoid wearing a floral shirt with another item of patterned clothing as they will most likely clash and your outfit will look too over the top.


White & Navy Floral Print Casual Shirt

Image: White & Navy Floral Print Casual Shirt

How to wear floral print shirts in autumn/winter

Create clever detailing using your floral shirt to make a stylish statement. Layer up with a simple smart crew neck jumper and use the slight display of your collar and cuffs as an accessory. This patterned detailing will add depth to your autumn/winter attire.

Avoid large floral designs or brighter colours and opt for more muted tones, such as navy or burgundy to keep with the season. Opt for smaller floral patterns as these are easier to combine with your other clothing items - especially in the winter when you will be adding multiple layers such as thick knitwear under a coat, scarf, and all the other warming essentials. 


White Plain Weave Formal Shirt

Image: White Plain Weave Formal Shirt

Sharp Contrasting Inner Collar & Cuff Shirts

It’s the finer details that make all the difference, so this season we’re introducing more shirts with our popular contrasting inner collars, cuffs and trims. Not just your average plain shirt, the contrasting colour or pattern trim adds a touch of detail that makes your shirt stand out from everyone elses in the office. Our new collection of mens autumn styles boasts fine patterns with differing pattern designs on the inside trims, creating an easy sophisticated look perfect for evenings out.

What is a shirt with a contrasting inner collar?

Our printed trim collar shirts are created by combining the styles of two shirts together. Take a standard white shirt for example, and line the inside of the collar and cuffs with the patterned fabric from another shirt. The beauty of this is that the shirt has all the sharpness of a classic plain shirt, but with the understated detail that makes it different from the rest of your formal-wear. Unbutton your cuff to reveal a new colour or pattern that compliments the shirt.


Slim Fit Mid Blue Geometric Print Formal Shirt

Image: Slim Fit Mid Blue Geometric Print Formal Shirt

Why choose a shirt with contrast inside the collar? 

This style gives your shirt that little extra that makes it unique to anyone else's. The contrasting pattern or colour inner trims gives your shirt a classy update that adds a touch of detail without being too in your face. The subtleness of this element makes them suitable for smart and formal events, as well as smart-casual occasions, depending on how you choose to style it. 

Collars are where it all started for Double Two; we’ve always been at the forefront when it comes to designing and producing collars that are durable and ensure you’re always well-presented. Combine that with superior quality fabric and expert craftsmanship, and you have a shirt that will always have your back.