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Gearing up for Black Friday

Gearing up for Black Friday

Originating in the US, Black Friday has become the name used to refer to the Friday following Thanksgiving Day, which is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

The day after Thanksgiving has always been regarded as the beginning of America's Christmas shopping season since 1952. Quite simply, once Thanksgiving has finished people start to look forward to and plan for the next big holiday, Christmas!

The term "Black Friday" didn't become widely used until more recent decades. There are many reports on how this term originated but the commonly accepted, most truthful account is from a report in The New York Times from 1961 references police officers in Philadelphia using the term as a way to describe the smog and traffic caused by shoppers.

In the 80’s as the term grew more common across the US, retailers tried to popularise the phrase ‘Big Friday’ as an alternative but that never caught on.

In 2013, an internet rumour circulated declaring that the phrase originated in the American south before the Civil War, from the practice of selling slaves on the day after Thanksgiving. This was later proved to be false.

The Black Friday trend seems certain to stay, although nowadays retailers spread the offers so as not to cause a mass stampede of shoppers hunting out bargains on one particular day.

This Black Friday we will have unbelievable offers online and in stores! Keep an eye out for our upcoming deals.

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